• The clothes make the avatar

    It often makes sense for an establishment to introduce a standard of dress for the people housed within its walls. Bars and clothing retailers can gently nudge patrons in the direction of their preferred aesthetic by dressing their employees in the clothes that customers should...

  • Reaching out and touching the virtual world

    Virtual reality is more than just a technology, it is a technological driven process of weaving a virtual environment around the fabric of our perceived reality. That process looks to hijack our senses one by one as it envelops us in an alternative space. However...

  • Nature – A Virtual Reality Experience

    In fiction, Virtual Reality often develops in concert with dystopic elements. Whether it’s lack of access to our environment or one another, the medium functions as a facsimile of something forever lost to our experience. But for all of its ups and downs, society does...

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Glitch Studios is a virtual reality and augmented reality production studio based out of Oslo, Istanbul and London. With our pool of creatives we position ourselves as brand story experts in virtual reality.  We offer you the very best cutting-edge virtual reality experiences for a wide spectrum of applications allowing your brand to engage with end users in new and immersive ways.


We are positioned at the heart of the VR community in Europe,  ensuring our team and experience is always at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry. Aligned with Crytek’s VR1 virtual reality lab and incubator initiative as well as collaborating with key VR players across Europe Glitch Studios is helping pioneer the way into this emerging technology.


We are experts in telling stories aligned with your brand. Our craft is the the immersive power of virtual reality & augmented reality. True engagement is a result of great storytelling.

Branding and Marketing

We understand the value of good branding. That’s why we pride ourselves in building the highest quality immersive experiences that result in maximum brand impact & awareness.

360 Video

Using only the very latest in 360 camera rigs, editing software and post production talent allows us to produce high quality 360 stereoscopic video for our clients anywhere in the world.


Virtual reality pivots on an immersive, engaging and believable user experience. We give a lot of attention and research into ensuring that each and every one of our works is laboriously tested to ensure an intuitive and user friendly experience.

World Design

Drawing on talent from the film, advertising & gaming industry our team of developers and designers are highly experienced in building rich, immersive virtual worlds to be populated by our clients and their brands.

3D Modelling and Animation

With backgrounds in both advertising and game design our art team are able to bring you face to face with characters and creatures like you’ve never experienced before.

VR Director
Tobias Barvik

Tobias is our storyteller. He ́s been directing stories for organizations, corporate industries, and brands for 18 years. He ́s also a great writer, and has written both for film, radio and theatre.

VR Producer
Sami Hamid

Sami is leading the Glitch production team of artists, designers and developers. He has been an international project manager for more than 10 years around the world.

VR Brand Development
Børge Bjelland

Børge is working on the creative side of branding and concept development. Børge has more than 15 years of experience in Digital branding and design.